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The state government is mulling allowing thermocol decorations during Ganeshotsav.A delegation of Ganesh mandal workers met Yuva Sena chief Aditya Thackeray on Friday. If need be, they will raid certain plastic manufacturing units," he added. As of now there are talks that there would be a relaxation on use of thermocol during the Ganesh festival. I have already instructed our officers to start registering FIRs against such manufacturers. During a meeting with environment minister Ramdas Kadam, Mr Thackeray suggested a discussion of officers of the environment department with mandal workers. We all know that it is used for decorations duringthe Ganesh festival. Girish Raut, environment activist, opposed the idea.Mr Kadam said the decision rests with a high power committee.He asked them to counsel the Plastic Injection Industry Part Molding Manufacturer workers over usage of plastic and thermocol."There is just a technical difference between thermocol and plastic. We will discuss the demand in a high power committee," said Mr Kadam.Environment activists have strongly opposed the relaxation on use of thermocol during Ganesh-otsav.. "It is true that there are concerns about these Ganesh mandal workers regarding thermocol. They requested him to rethink on his decision to ban thermocol as decoration during Ganeshotsav. "Our main focus is on the manufacturers of plastic.Interestingly, Mr Thackeray is himself batting for a complete ban. So, the government must make people aware of the damage caused instead of imposing relaxations," said Mr Raut.Meanwhile, Mr Kadam clarified that no strict action would be against small traders initially and that the focus will mainly be on plastic production units at this stage. However, environmentalists feel that once the government makes one exception, there will be similar dem-ands for other festivals and the purpose of the plastic ban, which will be implemented from Saturday, will be defeated.The minister also said that there would be no extension or exemption for any plastic item as part of the ban. If we allow relaxations in one instance there will be more demands. Thermocol is used to decorate mandals. The plastic ban will have no real impact

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